How it works - Agencies

Main functions in 7 tabs

Property search

In the main horizontal menu you will find a drop down alphabetical list of all properties which property owners have assigned to your agency. You can view all properties together or make your own selection. Properties can also be found using the Seach Property button. Remember only owners, not agencies, can assign an agency to a property.

House info

Once you select a property, you will have access to its basic information. You will be able to verify if the property is active, the duration of any option, the owner's contact details and those of the House-keeper if any. In this section you can also view and and download photos and important documents the owner provides to agencies.


In this section you will see the rate structure the owner has set for each property. Rates can be expressed in Euro, GBP or USD. You will see one column with the full rate and another with the net rate depending on the commission agreement you have on each particular property.


The availability calendar is at the heart of the One-Calendar management system. From the calendar you will have an overall overview of which days the rental property is booked or optioned, which periods have been optioned by your agency and which are optioned by the owner or other agencies connected to the property. The calendar can be exported in the Ical format so as to synchronise it with one embedded on your website.


This tab reflects the life cycle of a reservation, from Enquiry to Option to Booking. The three statuses are managed separately. The Bookings status is the most complex and it provides a general overview of confirmed Bookings, indicating amounts due, paid and to be transferred. Only owners can change the status of a reservation, such as extending an option which is about to expire, or modifying the rate if a discount is granted. You will only see the details of the reservations you have made, not those made by the owner or other agencies.

Other people involved

In this section you can check who are the other people involved in the management of a property and share information with the owner, such as House Managers, House-keepers and Co-owners. Such people will have different types of read-only access to the information for each property. Co-owners see everything, House Managers and House-keepers are limited.

Charts ansd statistics

This section provides a quick overview of the performance of a rental property using pie charts and graphs . Occupancy rates, nationality of guests and nationality of enquiries are covered. The performance of different rental years can be compared and analysed, to determine what can best be done to improve performance.