How To Use One Calendar – A guide for property owners

Table of Contents

Dear Property Owners and Friends,
This document’s goal is to leave no open questions on how to use One Calendar.

I. Introduction

One Calendar was created as a one-stop solution for property owners and agencies to simplify, enhance and primarily save time on their own rental activities and in particular on the collaboration between property owners and agencies.

The principal idea is based upon connecting properties with agencies, rather than people with agencies.

The advantage of One Calendar lies in its concise, carefully thought out and well-arranged layout.
We believe that concentrating on the basics – by keeping oversight at all times – is a great advantage in our time intense field of rental activities.

The main goal of One Calendar is to combine professional effectiveness with simplicity to result in time efficiency for all Users – not to just provide a single platform for your rental activities.

The beauty of One Calendar: The power of simplicity translating into efficiency!

Advantage: One Calendar Users!

II. First step

Opening an account:
On the home page, click on “Property Owners” to open your account.
Sign up is done in 6 simple self-explanatory steps.
Here you enter e.g. basic information like your own contact details, the details of your rental property, your property rental rates, agencies you would like to cooperate with, e.g. Dolce Vita Villas.

In order to collaborate with rental agencies you will have to connect them to your properties on One Calendar.

III. Your personal activity bar

The top bar on all pages remains fixed at all times to give you access to your 7 personal action items.
Following the principle of simplicity they are all self-explanatory.

a.) Select property: Select the property you want to work on, review or update.

b.) Add property: Add another property to One Calendar.

c.) My Dashboard: Snapshot of your latest activities conveniently displayed on one page. Also, the rental activities of agencies are displayed, e.g. new options or bookings.
You may even search for a particular activity by using the three filters on the page: Filter by property, by period and/or by agency.

d.) Mail Box: Exchange emails with the agencies you choose to work with. Your One Calendar email contact list will consist only of the agencies you work with. You will not find other property owners or agencies not connected to you.

e.) Your Name: Update your profile. E.g. when you have a new phone number or when you need to change your address etc. Also, here you may set the frequency of the email alerts you receive from One Calendar or change your password.

f.) Sign out: You are actually welcome to sign-out once in a while. In case you would like One Calendar to sign-out automatically after a period of inactivity, well, that is already the case.

g.) Help: One Calendar Users do not need help! We promise! At the very least that is the main goal of One Calendar!

IV. Main Functions – 6 Tabs

Whenever you log in you first reach "My Dashboard" which conveniently displays all the activities regarding the properties you have registered on the One Calendar system.
Selecting a property from the top bar of the page - "Select a property"- leads to a single, well-arranged and neat snapshot page of that property.
Now you can access the 6 Tabs which are the standard for all your properties. All of these tabs were created to be self-explanatory.

a.) Tab 1: House Info

The tab 'House Info' consists of three top to bottom folders:

1. The home profile:
The most relevant information regarding your property is noted down here and can be updated. By clicking "Edit Home Profile" you may amend the information and more. E.g. you may set the status of your property to active or inactive, change the duration of options on your property, add a website of your property, enter or change the housekeeper's contact details etc.

2. Gallery:
Adding, changing, deleting photos of your property which you would like to share with agencies you have connected your property with.

3. Documents:
Add any documents relevant to the property you would like to share with agencies you have connected your property with. E.g. the House Rules, Menus, Road directions etc.

b.) Tab 2: Diary

The Diary of each property is intended as a general communication and update tool between your properties and the connected agencies. In contrast to your mail box with which you may exchange any information in detail with your connected agencies as you please, the diary is an one-way communication tool from the property to the agencies. I.e. your messages on the diary are read-only for the agencies. E.g.: "A new swimming pool is being built as of November and will be ready for use as of May." All agencies connected to your property have now been simultaneously informed about these news.
To summarize, this communication tool centralizes the properties information and updates in one single place and thus creates efficiency! Each property has its own diary, of corse.

c.) Tab 3: Calendar

The calendar provides you with an immediate overview of the rental situation of your property so that you have a 12 month stretch right in front of your eyes.

The color codes – two shades of red and two shades of blue – allow for a clear visual overview.
Red shows bookings and options created by yourself.
Blue shows bookings and options created by agencies.

Simply by clicking the starting date of a rental you can either enter an option or a booking along with the most critical information you need to add – details can be added immediately or later. The new option or booking will then be visible instantaneously to you on your calendar as well as to agencies which you have connected to this property.
On the calendar, clicking on the colored option or booking will give you a small preview window. All of these activities are automatically conveyed to your and all connected agencies' Dashboards so that there no longer is a need to update manually. Why make it any more complicated than it needs to be?

d.) Tab 4: Rates

Here you may add rental periods and the rates for those periods by clicking 'add a period'.
As you will see this is all self-explanatory. Enjoy filling in all your rental periods and their respective rates or change the periods or rates you had previously entered within a couple of minutes.
You may download these rates on an excel sheet by clicking on the icon export. Remember that One Calendar will automatically calculate the price of a booking according to your rates and periods you have inserted. No need to use your calculator anymore! Or did you just want to double-check the periods and rates of a property? Look no further!

e.) Tab 5: Reservations

The tab 'Reservations' consists of two top to bottom folders: The Options and the Bookings folders.

1. Options:
See all options placed on this property by agencies and/or by yourself on one neat page.

Click 'Add an Option' to create an option on this property by entering dates and other details. Furthermore, you may edit the options which had already been created by clicking the pencil button on the right. E.g. extend the expiration date or add more details to the option etc. Only property owners can extend agencies' options. The price of any option is calculated automatically by One Calendar. Last, but certainly not least, just click on the pencil, then scroll down and hit the 'Convert to Booking' button. Hence, it takes only two clicks to convert an option into a booking!

2. Bookings:
View all bookings placed on this property by agencies and/or by yourself on one neat page.

Just as in 'Options' above, just click 'Add a Booking' to create a new booking on this property by entering dates and other details.
Furthermore, you may edit the bookings which had already been created by clicking the pencil button on the right. E.g. add the deposit amount you received for this booking and see the balance automatically!

f.) Tab 6: Agencies

The tab 'Agencies' consists of two top to bottom folders: The Rental Agencies and the Co-Owner folders.

1. Rental Agencies:
The first thing you see on this page are the rental agencies you have already connected to your property. Simply click on the pencil button of the agency you would like to review. All the basic information of this agency is displayed here. An overview of options and bookings made by the agency is visible as well. Changes can be made to the level of commission you grant or connect or disconnect the agency from your property.

Further, click 'Add an Agency' to connect your property to an agency which has already registered on One Calendar. At the same time, set a commission to the agency for their rental activity.
Another option you have here is to invite an agency to register on One Calendar which you would like to connect to your property. You will get an automated reply once the agency you have invited to One Calendar has registered.

2. Co-Owner:
In case your property has co-owners this is the place to invite them to One Calendar. Just click 'Add Co-Owner', enter name and email and send it out. As you are the person inviting someone, you will have administrator rights to view and change any information while the invited co-owner can access all the information, but cannot edit any information.
This may be useful for the cases in which two or more family members own a property and wish to share information (options, bookings, pictures etc.) regarding the property in an efficient manner.

V. Feedback

Although we have tried and tested all of the functions of One Calendar extensively, we do know that the best ideas for the improvement of One Calendar will certainly come from You, the User. We would therefore appreciate it highly if you would share your thoughts and constructive criticism with us so that we may provide the best experience possible when using One Calendar.

Thank you for your attention.

Kind regards,

Your One Calendar Team.

VI. Contact us

If you need any assistance please write an email to