How it works - Owners

Main functions in 9 tabs

House Info

To get started, you will need to create a profile for your first property. First you need to provide some basic information via an on-line form, and you can then upload an unlimited number of photos of the property. After that you can start on your other properties in the same way, or you can refine and improve the information already given about any property you've now registered.


The availability calendar is at the heart of managing your rental property. First, set the dates for which the property is available for rent. The calendar will then show that the property is (1) not available for rent, (2) available for rent, (3) on option, or (4) booked. Different colours indicate different statuses.

Synchronizing and sharing

Once created, a calendar created within One-Calendar is automatically exportable. The Ical format enables you to synchronise calendars for the same property embedded in other websites or on rental portals such as Airbnb, Holiday Lettings and Homeway. There will be no need to update all the different calendars, One Calendar will do everything.


To create a calendar, you must enter weekly price rates for all periods during your property's rental season. Rates can be in EUR, USD, or GBP and can be simple or structured. The calendar will automatically calculate the cost of all bookings.


In this section you decide which rental agencies to assign to each property, usually as a result of an already established collaboration. To be assigned to a property the agency must already be registered with One Calendar. If it isn't, you can send an invitation to the agency to register. Only an owner can assign an agency to his property. Rental agencies can see only part of the information the owner sees, in particular within Reservations.


This tab reflects the life cycle of a reservation, from Enquiry to Option to Booking. The three statuses are managed separately. The Bookings status is the most complex and it provides a general overview of confirmed Bookings, indicating amounts due, paid and to be received. From this tab you can also manage the progress of reservations by using pre-prepared emails.

The booking process

To assist and save time with successive reservations for any property, an owner can create template emails corresponding to the different phases of that property's reservation process. One Calendar provides 11 ready-prepared templates corresponding to commonly-encountered phases, and these templates can be fully customised. Template emails include dynamic place holders which take key information directly from booking forms, for example rental period, guest’s name, price etc. This saves time and avoids errors.

Other people involved

You can share information, including reservations, with House Managers, House-keepers, Co-owners and anyone else. This access will be read-only, as the owner remains the sole administrator of the property within One Calendar. Sharing information satisfies the need for transparency with Co-owners, and for information to be given to those in direct contact with guests.

Charts ansd statistics

This section provides a quick overview of the performance of a rental property using pie charts and graphs . Occupancy rates, gross monthly income, nationality of guests and nationality of enquiries are covered. The performance of different rental years can be compared and analysed, to determine what can best be done to improve performance.